Buy Forex Guide?

Why buy Forex guide when you can get a Forex guide for free?

If you want to learn more about currency trading then buying a Forex guide may seem to be a good idea that is confirmed by many internet sites and advertisements. But what’s the point in buying something can be downloaded for free? The quality of the paid Forex guides isn’t better than the one of the free guides. There is always a chance that you won’t like your Forex guide or find the information in it useless. When you have an option to download several free Forex guides the problem disappears. Here are the four recommended free Forex guides that will make you stop seeking to buy Forex guide in the future:

Introduction to Forex
The Six Forces of Forex
Study Book for Successful Foreign Exchange Dealing
Forex. On-Line Manual for Successful Trading

That’s right! You can download these guides simply by clicking the links. It’s free, there are no obligations or strings attached and you can read all four Forex guides and choose one, which you like the best. Do you still want to buy Forex guide after that? Then you should read this list of the 10 reasons not to buy a Forex guide:

Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy a Forex Guide

  1. Money. Do you want to spend money to get some guide that will teach or won’t teach you Forex? You can’t know its effectiveness before you buy it and why buy it if you don’t know how good it is.
  2. Time. Clicking a link and saving a file to your PC is much faster then going to some on-line Forex shop and buying a guide there with all the credit card or other payment options’ hassle.
  3. Security. Buying the Forex guide on-line will put you under a threat of exposing your personal payment details, which could be used by the criminals to rob you or to steal your identity. Is that what you want when you just need to learn Forex trading? I don’t think so.
  4. Quality. When someone writes a guide that is going to be free it’s created with a soul and a real traders’ cooperation spirit. When one writes a Forex guide intended for sale, the main aim is the money, the author just needs to put some populist stuff into the guide and offer a good marketing campaign for it.
  5. Support. Don’t support paid Forex guides and their authors. If you get a free guide without buying a paid Forex guide, then you don’t support the whole industry of writing the guides that are all alike with rather misguiding advertisements for them.
  6. Reason. There is no reason in buying a paid Forex guide, so what’s the point in being unreasonable when you have a good alternative (free guides)?
  7. Coolness. By downloading and studying a free Forex guide instead of buying a paid one you support the global movement for the free information and education for everyone.
  8. Paper. Some paid Forex guides are in a form of a book, which means paper, while the free guides are mostly electronic, which means that you are helping to save the nature when you refuse to buy Forex guides.
  9. Efforts. To get a free Forex guide it takes nothing, you can just download them from this page. To buy a paid Forex guide you’ll need to find them, choose one from many and only then buy it — that will cost you a lot of unneeded efforts.
  10. No DRM. Some Forex guides may contain a form of anti-theft protection, which may require an internet connection to open it, or registering some serial ID on some website or something else similar. Free Forex guides can be read without an internet connection or any additional troubles.

You’ve read the reasons but those aren’t enough for you? You still want to buy a Forex guide? Unfortunately, I can’t offer you one because it’d go against my personal moral beliefs. But instead I can give you an advice — read more free Forex guides, visit free Forex sites, get to know other traders that will be glad to share their experience with you and won’t ask a dime for it. The greatest thing about learning to trade Forex is that it can mostly be done for free. And, of course, don’t buy a Forex guide!

If you have some good or bad experience of using the free Forex guides over the paid ones, I’ll be glad to read your story — just send it to me at